Impact Your Business.

Impact The Lives of Your Employees.

You will be part of a dynamic Business Owner Advisory Group comprised of local entrepreneurs with varying experiences. There will only be one member per industry allowed. Your two-hour meeting will be held monthly at our Owings Mills, MD location.

Your group will become your “Board of Directors”. You will have the opportunity to learn from others’ experiences and viewpoints, which will help you through your business evolution and obstacles. In addition, you will be accountable to the group for self-imposed “homework” to be completed between meetings. Examples are creating a marketing plan, re-working commission structures, making a call to a referral partner, etc. You decide on what your homework will be, and we will help you to stay on track to complete it.

Why You Need Collective Wisdom:

  • You are working IN your business, not ON your business
  • You feel like your business is “stuck” or not where you would like it to be
  • You positively impact the bottom line of your business, which impacts your employees’ lives
  • You need constructive advice on your business ideas and obstacles from those whom can relate
  • You want to be held accountable to your goals
  • You have few entrepreneurs or advisers to turn to for help or guidance with your business

What Happens Each Month?

The face-to-face meeting will last 2 hours and will be held once a month. During this meeting, each member will have a period to discuss their business concerns and questions. There will be an open group discussion lead by your experienced group leader to uncover answers and inspiration for you.

We will also focus on one group member each month for a “Deep Dive” into their business to offer suggestions to their challenging questions. At the end of each monthly meeting, the group leader will ask each member for 1-2 focus tasks which they would like to have completed before the next meeting.

Additional Monthly Benefits:

In addition to your monthly meeting, each group will have a “check-in” two weeks after your face-to-face meeting. This “check-in” will be done virtually via email and project management software. This “check-in” will help you to stay focused on your “homework”.

Next Steps…

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