You may have questions about Collective Wisdom and how this powerful advisory group can help you move your business to the next level. Some of our most common questions can be found below.

Are You a Leads Group?

No. The main mission of Collective Wisdom meetings are to support group members through advice and education. Business networking happens naturally, however, with the group members.

How Often Do You Meet and What Happens at Meetings?

Each group meets in person once a month on a set date for a duration of 2 hours. Each group has its own agenda, however, a normal meeting agenda includes a 30 day check-in, round-table topics as brought up during check-in’s, a deep-dive into a member’s business, self-assigned homework for the next meeting, then take-away’s.

What Are Benefits of Membership?

The guidance and advice which you will receive during meetings is priceless. But there are more benefits of the Collective Wisdom program. Not only do you have a 2 hour face-to-face meeting with fellow entrepreneurs, you will also have a mid-month group accountability call to check in on your progress with your self-assigned homework. In addition, there will be free monthly webinars given by experts on topics such as marketing, human resources, building your business, new regulations/laws and more.

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